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Land Rover 90/110 Chequer Plate Front Kit

Manufactured in the UK by Composite Products.  Suppliers of Composite Components to the Automotive industry.  We have redesigned the conventional chequer plate traditionally made from thick heavy aluminium and steel into a more dynamic wow and rigger real carbon fibre chequer plate design. Reducing weight and wind/shear noise whilst increasing strength to weight ratio and adding a chamfered edge to give the product a high class finish.

This set will fit all Defender 90/110 models but not for the Puma raised bonnet. This version will be coming soon.

Also available in Recycled carbon for that urban look. Includes 2x wing toppers & 1 bonnet chequer plate.

£1,108 inc VAT


No need to repaint

Fits perfectly

Revolutionising Durability and Style

Elevate your Land Rover’s functionality and aesthetic with our cutting-edge Chequer Plate Kits, where innovative design meets unparalleled durability, ensuring your vehicle stands out for both its performance and appearance.

Our Land Rover Chequer Plate kits introduce a new design pattern, meticulously crafted to significantly increase grip. This innovative approach ensures superior traction, enhancing both safety and performance in challenging conditions.

Experience the convenience of a maintenance-free solution with our lacquered finish. This robust coating eliminates the need for repainting and is engineered to resist wear, ensuring your chequer plates remain pristine for years to come.

Fully waterproof and built to withstand the elements, our Chequer Plate kits offer unparalleled durability. Whether facing rain, mud, or river crossings, rest assured that your vehicle is protected with our top-grade materials.

Our kits feature bezelled edges, ensuring each chequer plate item fits perfectly together with an aligned pattern. The addition of aesthetic leading-edge ribs, unique to our product, adds a touch of professional elegance, enhancing the overall look and design of your Land Rover.

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